Don and Jane Wienke moved to this unique Door County farmstead in 1967.  Their hobby garden became too large for their family, so they started selling their bountiful crops in a roadside stand. Blemished fruit and vegetables were canned and preserved by both Don and Jane's mothers.

In 1982 their barn was converted into a market.  Greenhouses were also added to get a jumpstart for plants that would be planted in the garden.

In 1990 the barn was insulated to become a year round facility.  A federally and state approved kitchen was added to enable the Wienke's to process pickles and jams passed down from their mothers.

Today Wienke's Market is a year round destination for visitors and locals of Door County.  Through much progress and growth Wienke's Market ensures the high quality and tradition of their products are a main concern and are acceptable for your family.

Wienke's Market has much to offer

Door County canned goods made without preservatives or additives.  Homemade taste "just like Grandma's".  Wienke's Market takes care of your homemade taste in your busy schedule.  Reminisce the days of Grandma's pantry with shelves filled with fresh packed pickles and jams.  Rekindle those memories by making your pantry a Wienke's Market pantry. 


Wienke's Market even has an in-store bakery!