Important Lefse Shipping Information!

At Wienke's Market, we know how special it is to have lefse for the holidays or for everyday enjoyment at your table.  We want to make sure your lefse arrives as fresh as possible.  Due to the perishable nature of lefse, some states require additional shipping charges.

Please pay close attention when making your lefse selection in our online store.

Shipping rates for lefse are included in the price.

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The wonderful world of Lefse

Lefse is a Norwegian flat bread made out of potatoes.  Similar to a tortilla, lefse is rolled out thin and baked on a griddle.  Traditionally lefse is eaten with butter or lutefisk.  With the popularity of wraps, lefse makes wonderful wraps with meat, scrambled eggs, or peanut butter and jelly.  What ever kind of sandwich you would like to make, try using lefse as your bread!

Usually a treat at holidays, Wienke's Market offers fresh lefse available all year.  Our fresh lefse season is October thru April, while frozen lefse is available May through September.  Wienke's Market is happy to ship it to you for your special occasion or holiday table.  Lefse also makes a nice gift to someone who cherishes this traditional treat.  Click here to order lefse!

Process of making lefse

The process of lefse starts with the main ingredient, potatoes.  Wienke's Market uses fresh russet potatoes.  Each potato is peeled by hand, then boiled, and then riced through a meat grinder.  Only flour and salt are added to the riced potatoes to form the dough.  Special grooved rolling pins are used to stretch out the dough  into a 14" diameter lefse.  Each lefse is then baked on a hot dry griddle until it bubbles and shows the brown bake marks.  Made with passion, Wienke's Market is in their third generation of lefse makers.  Stop at Wienke's Market on Tuesday mornings from October thru April to watch the art of lefse being made.

Ways to enjoy lefse

One lefse round maybe used or cut the round into 4 triangle piece.  Roll up and enjoy!

  • Spread with cheese spread
  • Roll up tuna or egg salad
  • Scrambled eggs and cheese
  • Roll up a sausage
  • Spread on lingonberries
  • Make it your own special wrap!